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Cialis: How does it Work?

Cialis was designed to fight erectile dysfunction and rival other medications designed to do the same thing. It is an oral medication for men 18 years of Cialis in Canadaage and older who experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The medication is not intended for women or children.

The way Cialis works is by blocking the PD5 hormone which is a chemical that reverses an erection. As the chemical is blocked the arteries in the penis begin to dilate and carry a greater blood flow to the penis. This helps men achieve an erection. Cialis takes about a half hour before men will experience the effects. The effects will last about 24 to 36 hours from the time the medication is taken. Men should always keep in mind; sexual stimulation is required to create an erection, even when using Cialis.

Cialis canadian pharmacy can be used one of two ways, both approved for treatment. The medication can be taken on an as needed basis or it can be taken once a day whether sexual activity is anticipated or not. For an as needed basis, men are encouraged to take a 10 milligram dose 30 minutes before sexual activity. The dosage may be increased to 20 milligrams or decreased to 5 milligrams based upon individual response to the medication.

For daily treatment, men are advised to take the medication the same time every day. Men should begin with a dosage of 10 milligrams and increase the dosage to 20 milligrams or decrease the dosage to 5 milligrams depending on the individual response to the medication. The philosophy of the daily dose is to allow the medication to build up in the system and to improve erectile dysfunction for the long term. It does not matter which method of Cialis ingestion is used. Both methods will be just as effective in relieving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and help men achieve an erection.

Cialis is proven to work for men of all ages and all stages of erectile dysfunction. It is important to never mix Cialis Australia with alcohol or other medications. Most erectile dysfunction specialists recommend taking Cialis at meal time, or at least a substantial snack. If an erection lasts for more than 4 hours, it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible, as permanent damage could be experienced.

Before starting any erectile dysfunction medication, it is important to get a clean bill of health from a medical professional. There are several medical reasons men experience erectile dysfunction that should be ruled out first. Men with diabetes or hypertension and being overweight may cause erectile dysfunction and treating those symptoms may take care of the erectile dysfunction on its own. Men who are also under a great deal of stress or do not get enough sleep may also experience the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Always address any medical related effects of erectile dysfunction first before taking any kind of medication. Ignoring medical reasons for the distress will only worsen any condition over time.

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