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Erectile Dysfunction in Canada: having a hard time

Surgeons are eminently practical people, and they have come up with several devices to implant into the penis to make it erect Canadian Viagra online at My Canadian Pharmacy. Some of the early attempts quickly flopped because they gave a man a permanently erect rod, and this was both an annoyance and an embarrassment. The latter, more successful ones insert tubes into the corpora spongiosa and a Erectilesmall saline-filled reservoir into a space behind the abdominal wall. A turnon mechanism is implanted in one side of the man’s scrotum, which he can discreetly trigger so that the saline in the reservoir will squirt into the tubes and make the penis erect. He turns it off the same way, fingering the trigger in his scrotum. A truly bionic man, don’t you think? The main problem with most of these is coordinating desire with the erection mechanism. In the ‘normal’ situation, of course, the two just happen together. There is also a small risk of leaking, mechanical failure and infection.

Another type of vacuum device literally pumps up the penis — it is an apparatus that fits over the penis and pumps with a suction action, with the vacuum produced sucking blood into the penis. A soft rubber ring is placed over the base of the shaft to maintain the erection, and can be left in place for 30 minutes. The vacuum pump has the advantage that invasive surgery is not required, but its effects are generally less successful than prostheses — it works best for men who are able to achieve at least partial erection themselves, as otherwise the portion of the penis between the rubber ring and the body remains floppy even though the main part of the shaft is hard, an effect which can be disconcerting. Clearly, too, a certain amount of preparation time is required, so spontaneity and foreplay may go out the window. But vacuum devices may be suitable for men who need to take nitrates for heart conditions and therefore should stay away from Viagra (see below).

On to drug My Canadian Pharmacy herapies. The first drug therapy specifically approved for treatment of impotence was alprostadil, known by the trade names Caverject, Edex and Muse. Caverject and Edex are injected by the man (or his willing partner) into the corpora cavernosa anywhere from five to 20 minutes before they expect to commence action. The erection will usually last up to one hour, although a possible untoward consequence can be a prolonged erection of up to six hours or priapism (an erection lasting longer than six hours).

This is not the occasion for joy that might be imagined by the uninitiated. Prolonged erection or priapism can lead to penile fibrosis and permanent impotence or deformities of the penis. Because of these risks, people with conditions that can be associated with priapism, such as sickle cell anemia or trait, leukaemia or multiple myeloma, or deformities such as Peyronie’s, should not use alprostadil in any of its forms. Muse acts in the same way as Caverject or Edex, but is available as a suppository that the man inserts into his urethra. This drug is excreted through the lungs and its excretion is somewhat affected by lung disease. Obviously, anyone using this not only has to be given a prescription, but also needs to be taught how to administer it.