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A True Story about Generic Cialis You Will Never Believe

CialisI’m 63 years old and last year was one of the hardest in my life. I suffered from prostate cancer and have undergone several treatment courses to fight the disease. When I thought that things have finally come back to norm, I discovered a new health issue that I haven’t faced before the treatment – ED. I used to hear much about Canadian Pharmacy pills, their high quality and affordability, yet I never thought I could turn to their service.

Only later I was told that ED is a common side effect of a prostate cancer treatment: the erectile function doesn’t return in most cases. There are options for penile rehabilitation, but they take time. And even after them only 30-50% of patients have erections.

And now try to imagine what I experienced:

  • shock because of having prostate cancer;
  • long and painful treatment courses;
  • joy from being finally healthy;
  • shock from finding out I have ED now;
  • joy from knowing there is a cure;
  • disappointment after I got to know that only 30-50% males report success;
  • frustration.

This is why I call it the hardest time in my life. Being in my 60s already, I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

There are cases, when sexual life remains the same after prostate cancer. Some men may need additional treatments, others are ready right away. In any case, both emotional and physical preparations are of great importance. How was it in my case? Well, I felt desperate for any kind of solution. I understood that after 35 years of a happy life my marriage could fall apart. However, my wife suggested going through all of this together no matter how uncomfortable and tough it might be.

3 Difficult Stages of Sex Life after Prostate Cancer

  • Stage 1: Nerve Sparing Recovery

After a proper examination and consultation I found out much about prostate cancer and its effect on male’s sexual life. Did you know that nerves that are responsible for erection are close to the prostate? During the cancer treatment process they got injured in my case. The treatment that saved my life affected my ability to get both permanent and temporary erection. Nerves won’t get healed on their own.

  • Stage 2: ED Treatment

I was offered several different options:

  1. penile prosthesis;
  2. intracavernous injections;
  3. intraurethral therapy;
  4. vacuum devices;
  5. pills.

I chose the latter variant. My chances for getting back to normal sexual life were pretty high as the stage of cancer was the initial one. My doctor promised first results in 6 months (they appeared earlier). I guess I was lucky enough, because most men need more than a year.

  • Stage 3: Getting Ready to Complications

I expected it to be easy and plain, but things seemed to be against me. After 2 months of an intensive treatment and no improvement it was assumed that my case might require a surgery. When I heard of concealed implants for erection support, I made up my mind to quit the idea… I’m 63. Most men face problems in their 40s. Maybe I could find alternative…hobbies?  Luckily, I took a chance and waited for another 7 weeks. The results were there, so I had a sigh of relief.

! If you have doubts as to what ED treatment is for you, ask your doctor to help. He surely knows more about chances and treatment concerns. There are ways to share pleasure even after 60. And I am live proof of that.

How Effective Oral Medications Can Be?

Most men start with pills, so did I. I choose Generic Cialis to treat my condition by improving the blood flow to the penis during the sexual stimulation. Generic Cialis bought from Canadian Pharmacy proved to be more effective than most other pills: there exists a special treatment course and it includes the daily intake of ED medications in small doses. And only Generic Cialis can be taken on a daily basis due to mild side effects.

What are the safe dosages of Generic Cialis? What to do in the case of overdosing? Get this info at Canadian Pharmacy:

What pros I have found out: pills help in achieving erections faster and assist in making sexual life more spontaneous.

What cons I have seen: it is hard to find pills that can help in different cases. What works for one man is useless for tens of others. I just was very lucky to enjoy results from the first pill type prescribed.

Generic Cialis Doesn’t Help to Prevent Impotence during Prostate Cancer Treatment

As long as Generic Cialis appeared to be so effective, I asked my doctor why he didn’t prescribe it while I was undergoing the cancer treatment. I could prevent ED, couldn’t I? The answer was pretty clear, I couldn’t.

Radiotherapy became one of the commonest treatment options for prostate cancer. It was chosen for me too. ED is its usual side effect and no pills can prevent it. Numerous studies showed that there is no use of Cialis, Generic Viagra or any other ED pill for prevention of after-radiation results. Any treatment course has its own side effects and it’s a sore point for many men.

So, when I chose to treat the cancer, I treated only the cancer, nothing else. The side effect like erectile dysfunction must be dealt with after. My physician reserved a Cialis treatment course for me.

My Sexual Life after Prostate Cancer and ED Treatment

It took 22 weeks for me to have a normal sexual life again (yes, I kept count). Professional clinical examinations and tests are my routine now, but I have no complains. I am 63 and I finish 30 minutes later. Well, I haven’t achieved such great results since 2000’s. Once my wife even asked me to slow down, she was afraid that I could get a heart attack.

Erectile dysfunction was devastating for me. Generic Cialis managed to bring intimacy back to my marriage. I am more than just able to perform. I know I can perform whenever I want.