Cialis in Canada

Tadalafil Canada, Viagra in Canada

Canadian Cialis: Weekend Pills In Action

Erectile dysfunction is a chronic disease diagnosed in 9.5% of 40+ years old males, and reaching a 71.2% prevalence in men aged 71-80 years. The treatment of the delicate disease is effectively conducted with phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, such as sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil (the active ingredients of the far-famed Viagra, Cialis and Levitra). A Tadalafil-based Cialis has the largest half-life in comparison with other PDE-5 drugs and recommended for therapy of ED at a dose of just 20 mg.

Cialis from Canadian pharmacy is designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, caused by a variety of reasons – physiological, psychological and mixed ones. The drug is safe for 18-65 years old males. Men over 65 years address the issue of security reception should consult the doctor. Cialis in small dosages can be used by healthy men wishing to improve the quality of intimacy and enjoy new experience.

Canadian Cialis is highly appreciated for its lightning speed onset of action – 16-30 minutes after consumption and the duration of its action persists up to an impressive 36 hours range (that’s why Cialis is oftentimes referred to as ‘weekend pill’). However, even with such a duration of application of the drug it only temporarily improves sexual function – so the drug doesn’t represent a class of stimulator, it only works in the event of natural stimulation.

How it works

The firmness of the erected penis is determined by the quantity of blood filling it, and this is the aspect that is taken care of by the active substance – tadalafil. The drug increases the quantity and accelerates nitric oxide production. What is this stuff? Cialis online enhances blood circulation in the genital organs and contributes to relaxation of blood vessels in male genitalia, so they are prepared for larger amounts of blood. The more effective the production of nitric oxide is, the higher volumes of blood will enter the penis, and stronger erections are achieved. Tadalafil also inhibits the body’s production of phosphodiesterase of the fifth type, which provides a reverse process: the compression of blood vessels, pushing blood and the penis return to a calm state. Thus, an erection becomes more stable.

The drug provides a gentle impact on the male body, and side effects manifest extremely rare. Compared with the first the traditional increases the potency, Viagra, it is shorter than the list of contraindications. It is easily tolerated by people suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. Making your choice in favour of Cialis is reasonable in cases where regular sexual inetrcourses are planned during 2-3 days.

Administration regimen

The standard procedure implies swallowing pills and washed down with water or any non-alcoholic drink, except for grapefruit juice 30-40 minutes before intimacy. The reception frequency should not exceed 20mg each in 24-36 hours. Taking the medicine is recommended for all forms of erectile dysfunction, the exact dosage is picked up individually. Thus, for prophylactic administration 5 mg should be enough; 65+ years old individuals are also recommended to start with 5mg dosage. The maximum dosage is 20mg.

Canadian Cialis: Contraindications

Cialis active ingredient is incompatible with a range of drugs, and there are certain diseases in which the need of individual dosage selection is absolutely essential. So before you buy Cialis, check with your doctor and read the instructions for receiving medications with tadalafil.

The use of an active substance is incompatible with medications containing nitrogen oxide and nitrates.

Cialis can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. However, you should take into account the following precautions:

Cialis is not intended for use in women and adolescents under 18 years of age;
The medication used be used with caution in 65+ years individuals;
Caution is needed if you have an injury or a congenital deformity of the penis;

The side effects to be aware of

When receiving Cialis side effects may occur. Basically, the side effects occur rarely and have non-significant nature. Here is an incomplete list of the possible adverse reactions: rapid pulse, pain in the back, head, muscles; blood pressure drops, nasal mucosal edema, flushing and blurred vision. Their emergence and disappearance within 2-3 hours is a normal reaction. However, if symptoms do not disappear after 3 hours, you should better seek for immediate medical attention.

In overdose pronounced side effects listed above may occur. The main reason for it is too large dose of the drug, so you should not exceed the daily maximum of 20 mg. As a rule, an excessive amount can be taken inadvertently, with incorrectly split tablets or insufficient amount of time between the applications. Therefore, the treatment must be conducted extremely carefully.

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