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Sexual Dysfunction and Dissatisfaction

Traditional myths maintain that women have sexual problems, but men don’t. A real man is always ready for sexual performance with no questions, doubts, or concerns. Cialis in Canada What bravado. A number of studies indicate that sexual dysfunction (SD) is common. Almost every man at some point in his life will experience an SD. At any given point in time, about 35–40% of individuals (31% of men, 43% of women) have an SD. We live in a culture that idealizes and exaggerates the idea that sex should be spontaneous, perfect, or great every time. Yet it is normal to have sexual difficulties. One study found that 97% of men (95% of women) had an important sexual concern at some point in his life, important enough to want to talk with their doctor. Yet only 23% of the men reported that they did in fact discuss their concerns with a professional clinician.

Men’s partners also frequently experience sex dysfunction – viagra canada. A good number of couples experience multiple, simultaneous sex dysfunctions. For example, she experiences pain with intercourse while he has erectile dysfunction; or he has premature ejaculation and she experiences low sexual desire. It is crucial that you appreciate any sexual difficulty she may experience, because your SD could be a response to her difficulties. Cooperate as a team to work together regardless of the SD. Bring the same acceptance and support to her that you want for yourself.

Determining the Causes and Effects of SD

There are a number of possible causes and effects of SD — physical, psychological, and relational. If you have a persistent SD, you and your partner can decide what you want to do to address it and whether you would benefit from professional consultation.

Physical Factors

Medical Illness and Side Effects of Medications. Medical illness does not stop sexual function, but it usually does alter it. Whether diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, hormone imbalance, or multiple sclerosis, the first task is to be an active, knowledgeable patient. Obviously, cure is the ideal outcome, but many diseases are chronic and must be successfully managed. You can live your life with the disease: it need not control your life or your sexual relationship. You need to be a disciplined patient — follow the medical protocol, take prescribed medication, and follow healthy behavioral habits.

The most common medical cause of SD is side effects of medications – cialis professional Canada. This is especially true of antidepressant and hypertensive medications, but a large number of prescription and over the counter medications can have negative sexual side effects. We have two suggestions for how to address this problem. First is to consult with your physician (or pharmacologist or trusted medical Web site) about all the medications you take and their possible sexual side effects. Side effects are quite variable for the individual so you need to be a personal scientist regarding your illness, medications, and medication side effects.